Introducing O.B. Murphy

O.B Murphy has always worked. After spending nearly three decades in the healthcare industry, she poured her energy into children. “Kids are our future,” said O.B. “Even infants, if you pour yourself into them, you teach them.”

After working at a program that provided enrichment activities for school-age children in at-risk neighborhoods, O.B. began teaching toddlers and pre-kindergarten children. Working with children gives her peace and joy.

But peace and joy don’t put food on the table. O.B.’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandson – who’s just a few months shy of his second birthday – live with her. She called 2-1-1 Texas, a state-run program that helps connect individuals with basic services, and they told her about 4Saints & Friends Episcopal Food Pantry.

During her visits to the pantry, O.B. has secured milk, fresh and canned produce, other food, and even diapers – “they’re expensive,” O.B. reported – for her grandson. She says that 4Saints has been a blessing.

“God knows how to come up whenever I need him,” O.B. said. “He knows.”

O.B. Murphy
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